Refresh Yourself From Within – Enjoy a TM Retreat


TM Retreats are our number one recommendation for accelerating your personal growth – a weekend devoted entirely to your well-being!

Through a structured program of extended TM practice, along with training in natural, gentle yoga exercises, you’ll enjoy a state of rest that’s deeper and more revitalising than you’d normally ever get.

You’ll also gain profound knowledge of higher states of consciousness while experiencing deeper, clearer experiences in and out of meditation.

Participants find that TM Residential Weekends eliminate deep-seated stress and tension, and boost energy, clarity, happiness and health for months afterwards.

They are held in a settled, relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, away from home and work responsibilities, and include full catering with delicious vegetarian meals. A course fee applies. New meditators receive a reduced rate when attending their first TM Residential Weekend.


The date of the next Sydney In-Residence TM Retreat is 22-24 July at Winbourne Function & Retreat Centre, Mulgoa

Register early!

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Some Meditators Experiences of In-Residence TM Retreats

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"The weekends leave me feeling profoundly rested, centred and grounded. There is a crispness and sharpness to my thoughts and I experience a greater perspective on life. Better rest than any holiday could ever give me."

"Going back to the real world and relatively high-pressure job, I found that my ability to communicate and articulate clearly, confidently and calmly to clients and prospects increase dramatically,.. I end up with improved efficiency in everything I do, it feels great."

"At the beginning of the weekend I was rushing to get there, and had a head full of thoughts about the week just passed. By the end of Sunday, I was feeling light, brilliant, simple, clear and irrepressibly joyful."