Self Development

We are all looking for something more out of life, whether it be a more comfortable home, a better car or higher paying job. However these things only satisfy our needs temporarily until the next model car or job captures our attention. When the mind settles to experience the state of inner silence in Transcendental Meditation, it remains wide awake to itself - a state of pure awareness or being. Here the mind finds peace and stability. Here we discover our true nature, our true self and it is a very fulfilling experience.

With regular practice this inner experience becomes more established in activity and as a result life becomes more and more satisfying. We begin to appreciate the everyday aspects of life. Job satisfaction grows, self esteem grows and confidence grows. We are able to rely more on our inner directives, our gut-feelings and be more in charge of our own destiny. We feel a greater sense of integration and connectedness with the world around us. We spontaneously think and act in a way that is in our best interests but also in the interests of others.

This higher state of consciousness, or state of enlightenment, is the result of a brain that is fully developed - a brain that functions in a highly alert and coherent manner. This ultimate state of human development is the natural outcome of the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation – the fulfillment of life's deepest need.

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