Russell Brand talks about Transcendental Meditation at a David Lynch Foundation event

In this video below, Russell Brand describes how Transcendental Meditation helped him change his lifestyle and experience a “deeper state of happiness which is very profound and absolute.”

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, and author who achieved what most people consider two of life’s precious goals—both fame and fortune. But like so many other celebrities, Mr. Brand’s rise to fame did not produce the kind of happiness people often expect.

Mr. Brand offered some honest insights during a recent event in NYC sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation. He described how his experience of fame pushed him towards substance abuse and lifestyle excess. But he also described how the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program has helped him stay sober and achieve a healthy and stable sense of well-being.

“I used to be poor, now I’m not. I didn’t used to be famous, now I am,” Brand said. “And I thought that both of these significant transitions would bring a certain amount of satisfaction.” But Brand said in the end he was left unhappy.

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