More rewarding relationships and happier family life

Naturally when we are more contented and happier we can be more ourselves and enjoy more rewarding relationships. People who've learned meditation techniques at our Sydney centre often report that they have more to give to others, both at home and at work. This is the basis for more loving and lasting relationships.

When we are less stressed, we are less shortsighted, reactionary and impulsive in our response to people and circumstances. Research has found that with regular practice of Transcendental Meditation broader comprehension, emotional maturity and capacity for intimacy grows. We become more tolerant of others and more able to cope with challenging situations.

Transcendental Meditation is a way of punctuating our hectic lives with that valuable “me time” – “time for myself”. This is essential in achieving a better work/life balance. Both job satisfaction and family life can be enhanced with this simple technique.

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