David Lynch has practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) twice per day for 20 minutes for the past 40 years. By now there are scores of other celebrities who also enjoy TM such as Hugh Jackman, Ellen Degeneres, Russell Brand, Martin Scorsese, Oprah Winfrey and most recently even Rupert Murdoch.

In this 1-minute video David Lynch describes his first mediation.

David was asked, "has Transcendental Meditation helped you with your films?"

His response was, "Yes it helps so much. You're diving into infinite creativity and negativity is receding. The heavy weight of negativity is the enemy to creativity. When it lifts the conduit of the flow of ideas expands and you work with so much more happiness and energy."

In his book David has the following descriptions of meditation:

quote Intuition is seeing the solution - seeing it, knowing it. It's emotion and intellect going together. That's essential for the filmmaker. Personally, I think intuition can be sharpened and expanded through meditation, diving into the Self.
quote Meditation is not a selfish thing. Even though you're diving in and experiencing the Self, you're not closing yourself off from the world. You're strengthening yourself, so that you can be more effective when you go back out into the world. It's like they say on airplanes: ‘First put your mask on, and then help those next to you put theirs on.'