It has been estimated that possibly as much as 80% of all doctor visits are for people suffering from stress-related problems.

Stress affects us in different ways. Some people may find that their sleep is disturbed when under pressure, some become anxious, others depressed. Others may suffer from digestive disorders, headaches, high blood pressure or asthma. Some may resort to alcohol, cigarettes, and/or non-prescribed drugs to find relief from stress.

Fortunately, all these stress-related problems have been shown to improve with regular practice of Transcendental Meditation – without the adverse side effects that can accompany modern medicines.

Health insurance studies have found that long term practitioners of Transcendental Meditaion have much less disease. They require 50% fewer hospitalisations and visits to the doctor than the general population.

Reduced Heart Attacks and Strokes

Heart disease and stroke, the nation’s biggest killers are reduced with the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation. The thickened lining of the arteries (atherosclerosis) that leads to heart attacks and strokes has been shown to reduce within 6 – 12 months of practice of TM - without any change to diet or lifestyle.

TM reduces all the known risk factors for heart disease and stroke including stress, high blood pressure (hypertension), smoking, abnormal blood fats, and insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes).

It has been found that TM reduces mild to moderate high blood pressure as effectively as modern drugs – without the side-effects.

Recent studies have shown that people with heart disease who practise Transcendental Meditation have around 50% less heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

Decreased ageing

Interestingly, many of the changes which take place with Transcendental Meditation are opposite to deteriorations usually seen with ageing. Perhaps this is not surprising since we know how a traumatic experience can make someone appear to age very quickly.

The practice strengthen factors known to favour longevity and good health in later life such as cardiovascular health, work satisfaction, positive health habits, mental health, happiness, and intelligence.

Studies have shown that elderly individuals who practice Transcendental Meditation improve in mental and physical health and also well-being, cognitive and perceptual abilities, and longevity.

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