As a filmmaker or artist of any kind you draw from your creativity which is filled with imagery, sounds and prospective ideas that you’ve gathered from day-to-day life. A common problem for all artists is the creative block where ideas dry up or the enthusiasm lessens for a while. Transcendental Meditation helps you go within to uncover the inexhaustible ocean of creativity that lies at the source of thought within everyone.

The deeper you go into that infinite ocean, the bigger fish you find, giving you greater understanding of life. Free from negative and stressful constraints, you create with more happiness and energy. The colours of city streets are more vivid, and your senses are razor sharp - you’re more empowered as an artist. As a conscious filmmaker you can communicate universal truths of human life through even the simplest expressions.

A film is like a duck. Watch this 3-minute video to find out why.

quotes If it [filmmaking] was intellectual you could learn to make a film from a book. There is something else going on. And that something else going on is fed by diving within.

-- David Lynch

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