Benefits for students and teachers

Education today places emphasis on the subjects that students study, without systematically developing the qualities students need not only for success in school, but for success throughout life: alertness, intelligence, creativity, energy, confidence, integrity, and happiness. These qualities naturally develop through Transcendental Meditation as the students experience the inner field of their own total potential and express it in daily life. As a result, students enjoy increasing success in every aspect of their life and a sense of expanding possibilities for what they can achieve. Learn more at the Maharishi School, Reservoir.

Studies show TM provides practical benefits for students

Benefits include:

  • increased happiness
  • improved health
  • increased learning ability
  • improved memory
  • increased intelligence & creativity
  • improved academic performance
  • increased problem solving ability
  • increased self-esteem & confidence
  • improved mind-body coordination
  • reduced substance abuse
  • improved behaviour
  • increased tolerance

Solutions to:

  • emotional disorders
  • examination anxiety
  • substance abuse
  • anger and frustration
  • intolerance
  • violence, bullying and other anti-social behaviour
  • learning disorders
  • ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • shyness and lack of confidence
  • poor academic achievement
  • health problems
  • depression
  • poor coping skills

It has been found that when the majority of students in a school are practising Transcendental Meditation, the whole school atmosphere becomes increasingly harmonious, calm, focused, and positive - an ideal atmosphere for learning and growing.

This program has been successfully introduced in many schools around the world where very favourable outcomes have been documented for both students and staff.

For more information on the benefits for students, and the implementation of Transcendental Meditation in schools and universities in Sydney or wordwide, please visit our resources page