“Water The Root To Enjoy The Fruit” with Transcendental Meditation

As the gardeners of our own tree of life, if we want to do just one thing to strengthen every area of our life, we need to nourish the unseen spiritual part of ourselves—that which lies within.

Ancient sages from India, Tibet, China, Japan, South America and beyond all taught that quietening the mind and experiencing inner silence is the age-old formula for maximising our success in life. Only by transcending (and Transcendental Meditation is the simplest way to get there) can we take our mind out of stress and into silence. The more we enliven our infinite field of consciousness within, the more we align ourselves with the natural laws of health and cultivate our own inner wisdom (the final wisdom in this book).

By nourishing our silent source, we spontaneously begin to live more in tune with nature’s cycles. We naturally desire more health-promoting food and exercise. We gain greater clarity about what relationships and vocations most nourish us, and we are better able to negotiate our way through the complexities of modern-day health advice. By ‘watering the root’ (our non-physical spiritual core), we are better able to ‘enjoy the fruit’—better health and success in every area of life.

If you only want to do one thing to promote your health and happiness, transcend and enliven the silent source of all that you are.

Transcend Transcend Transcend!

This blog post is an excerpt taken from Marks book – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

mark bunn About The Author: Mark Bunn is a former AFL footballer who has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years. He is trained in both Western health-science and the ancient eastern science of Maharishi Ayurveda. Mark has studied the secrets of the world’s healthiest and longest living cultures, and is the author of the best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘.