My experience of the recent Ladies group Transcendental Meditation meeting in Sydney

What a lovely opportunity to join the TM Ladies Meditation Group on Thursday evening, the first gathering of 2013. Our hosts Fran and Beth are forever gracious in their welcome to the York Street Centre and the group meditation was particularly sweet and still in its silence and depth. A diverse group of women were gathered, some I knew from previous meetings at the centre and others new to the Sydney meditation community.

We were introduced to TM-Sidhi Administrators, Mr and Mrs Kumar, who are in Sydney to teach Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation this weekend. They are a charming Indian couple from whom you feel the embodiment of Maharishi’s teaching in the atmosphere before they speak a word.

Mr Kumar spoke of the advantages of learning extra techniques to ‘fertilize’ the growth in your meditation experience. This provoked questions on the nature of transcendence, to which he gave great reassurance. He went on further to explain the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Therapy and some of the amazing healing results, which gave rise to questions on the knowledge gained from the Unified Field of Natural law, he was an inspirational speaker, who spoke of the promise for everyone to realize their potential through TM.

In the social time, where we mingled over light refreshments, Mr Kumar was delighted to give further practical and common sense insight into living a conscious lifestyle. He gave some great analogies to the experiential learning that comes from regular practice of Transcendental Meditation from a broad minded perspective and the Vedic principles of the Unified field and some of the developments in Human Physiology.

The evening left me feeling renewed and grateful for Maharishi’s gift to the world and each of us in peace, I look forward to the next Ladies Group Meditation.