Public Seminar ‘Ayurvedic Cleansing Therapies – the secret to optimum health’ with Dr Tim Carr: Sunday, 16 March, 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Today we are constantly faced with toxic influences from the outside environment as well as those produced inside the body. Ayurveda has long understood that these toxins are at the basis of chronic ill-health and ageing.

ShirodharaMaharishi Ayurveda offers a range of effective therapies to eliminate accumulated toxins along with simple strategies to prevent toxins forming and accumulating.

Dr Carr is a GP with wealth of experience in the clinical application of Maharishi Ayurveda. Come and hear Dr Carr reveal the ancient secrets to the prevention of disease and abnormal ageing and to the optimisation of health and well-being.

This is a seminar not to be missed!

Cost (includes light refreshments): $45

Please book by Wednesday, 12 March on (02) 9279 2721 or