Australian Desert Inspired Deeper Transcendental Meditation Experiences For Me

When I was about thirteen I traveled with my family to the awesome Australian “outback” where we crossed great red sand dunes and huge white saltpans. The night skies were beyond belief with billions of stars shining bright making me expand and feel unbounded like the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Sydney. Silence pervades the outback, so much so, that it has a sound or a voice of wisdom. This journey was truly transformational.

It was there in the Aussie desert that I suddenly had the most beautiful experiences during my practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM). It was like the veil of my surface mind had parted and I was more aware of another world inside of me. Even though my body was normal size, during meditation I began feeling big like the Australian sky.

Simpson Desert Starwheel, Australia

We returned to Sydney and I continued to do well at High School. Friends would often ask, “What’s your secret?” I would reply, “I don’t know…” but really I knew it was because of my daily practice of TM. It gave me such clarity of mind and success in activity. Even during the stress of final HSC – High School exams I wasn’t phased much and received the top grades of my school.

For me Transcendental Meditation is a tool to dig deep into the power of consciousness and bring that energy and intelligence to the surface of life. I find it gives me so much more success, so much more happiness and so much more fulfillment. And guess what? – I haven’t missed a meditation since the desert trip more than 14 years ago.

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Asher Fergusson About The Author: Asher Fergusson grew up in Sydney and has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for 17 years. He is currently completing his part-time MBA degree at Maharishi University, USA and regularly travels all over the world.
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